DSS Arrests of Judges: Judges are corrupted by senior lawyers – Sagay; Buhari nominates Dauda Bage, Paul Adamu as Supreme Court Judges; Nigerian Air Force Carries Sorties Over Sambisa Forest; Senate Rejects Motion To Summon DSS boss, Daura Over Judges’ Arrests; House of Reps To Probe Judges’ Arrests; Judge rolls on the floor, begs DSS boss over N500m bribe; Police Role in Aborted Arrest of Judge in Port Harcourt Exposed; Delta Gov. Okowa Slumps in Asaba Government House . . .

DSS Arrest of Judges: Judges are corrupted by senior lawyers – Sagay

Law . Professor Itse Sagay

Nigerian judges are corrupted by senior lawyers. This is the contention of the Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC), also a jurist and legal luminaryProf Itse Sagay, SAN. The very senior lawyer said this in reaction to the DSS raiding of some Nigerian senior judges’ homes and the consequentially arresting them.

Prof. Sagay said:

“It is a major development in our legal history, it is unusual. Where do you think such money (N360m) came from? And if such huge sum of money can illegitimately be in the house of judges, then what is this system we are operating? Can one get justice in such a situation?

This is what is troubling my mind. I have always said that judges deserve dignity and to be treated with utmost respect; that is what I will call reverence and it has always been so. In a situation where there is such degeneration in a society, that has now spread to the judiciary that is normally treated with sanctity and reverence, what is to be done?

When you have a god that you are worshipping and the god brings himself down to your level, then what it is saying is that you should stop worshipping him and you should treat him like any other person. That is the phenomenon we are dealing with. Respect for judges is based on their conduct, record and attitude. When that conduct fails, then they have exposed themselves to the situation, which they are treated.

Judges, according to the law, enjoy immunity against searches and arrests. In regard to how judges are treated, as people who are above god, people of the greatest moral authority, when that is gone and they are like you and me in conduct, scrambling for money and taking money from parties before their courts, in order to abuse their position, then the law applies to them as it applies to every other person.

NJC should not be condemned over the said money found in judges homes. NJC was not established to deal with the epidermic that is seen in the judiciary, in terms of judicial corruption. We are facing an epidermic. It means if you don’t have money you can never get justice. So I think there is a need to really introduce drastic measures to purify the system.’”

Prof. Itse Sagay, Chairman Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC)

Buhari nominates Dauda Bage, Paul Adamu as Supreme Court Judges

Buhari. Naija president

President Muhammadu Buhari has forwarded the names of Justice Sidi Dauda Bage and Justice Paul Adamu to the Nigerian Senate for confirmation as Justices of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

The names were contained in a letter sent by President Buhari to Senate President Bukola Saraki. The letter was read on the floor of the senate during plenary session on Tuesday.

Nigerian Air Force Carries Sorties Over Sambisa Forest

NAF Jets

The Nigerian military has orchestrated a combined surgical operation n order to create the enabling environment for ground forces to continue their ground operation. In line with this joint offensives, the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) fighter jets have commenced bombardment of Boko Haram strongholds and locations inside the dreaded Sambisa Forest, Air Force spokesman, Group Captain Ayodele Famuyiwa said on Monday.

In a press statement, Famuyiwa said the NAF in the past one week, has successfully struck a number of Boko Haram locations, including their logistics bases, within the Sambisa Forest. He added that the air interdiction missions were conducted day and night using a combination of combat platforms comprising F-7Ni fighter aircraft, Alpha Jets and Mi-24V helicopter gunship.

Group Captain Famuyiwa said the latest air strikes against the Boko Haram are fallouts of Operation Forest Storm launched by the NAF on 2 October 2016 to further degrade the capability of the Boko Haram elements within the Sambisa forest.

Senate Rejects Motion To Summon DSS boss, Daura Over Judges’ Arrests

Senate . Nigerian Senate . Red chamber

The Senate has rejected a motion to invite the Director General of the Department of Security Services (DSS), Mr. Lawan Daura, over the Gestapo-style storming of alleged corrupt judges. Sen. Joshua Lidani (PDP Gombe) brought a motion as a matter of urgent national importance. He motioned that the Senate should invite Mr. Daura to explain why his agency launched a raid on judges and arrested seven judges on Saturday.

Sen. Lidani based his claim on the point that it is the constitutional responsibility of the National Judicial Council (NJC) to discipline corrupt judges. The Senate Minority Leader, Godswill Akpabio supported the motion. However, most senators yelled “ayes” and later “nay” in a 50-50 proportion to the call for the support of Sen. Lidani’s motion by the Senate President, Bukola Saraki. The Senate President then ruled that the “nay-sayers” had it when their voices overshadowed those of the “ayes”.

House of Reps To Probe Judges’ Arrests

house of reps

The House of Representatives on Tuesday resolved to probe the arrests of some judges by the Department of Security Services (DSS). The House took the decision after the adoption of a motion by Hon. Kingsley Chinda (APC, Rivers) and resolved to constitute an ad-hoc committee to probe all the invasions by DSS from last year to this year.

“We witnessed what is almost a civilian coup when the DSS invaded houses of judges and whisked them away. There’s no doubt that we condemn corruption, but the method must follow the rule of law. Our people are waiting to see what we’ll do on this affront to democracy,” he argued. Consequently, the motion was adopted by the majority of lawmakers when put to question by the speaker, Hon. Yakubu Dogara.

Judge rolls on the floor, begs DSS boss over N500m bribe


A Nigerian judge rolled on the floor, begged the DSS boss Mr. Lawan Daura when confronted with evidence that he got more than N500million bribe. The judge refused to unlock the safe in his house for DSS operatives to have access to its contents, a source told The Nation newspaper.

The source said: “Corruption in the Judiciary was based on our intelligence gathering and alerts from informants and petitions. It is not based on the perception of Nigerians. We have been on the trail of some of these judges in the last few months.

“For instance, we started probing one of the seven judges in detention (now released) since the Ramadan period of 2015. When we got sufficient intelligence on him, bordering on over N500million bribe, we invited him.

“The judge was given a copy of our report on him. By the time he read it halfway, he prostrated, held the legs of the security chief and begged for forgiveness. We captured the way he was reeling on the floor.

“We later sent a security brief on him to the National Judicial Council (NJC) with enough evidence. But he was cleared by the NJC as having committed no wrong. Since the NJC could not do the needful, we have decided to subject him to a judicial process”.

Police Role in Aborted Arrest of Judge in Port Harcourt Exposed

DSS . Wike block DSS from judge's arrest in PH

Details of the role played by the Rivers State Police Command during the aborted arrest of a Federal High court judge in Port Harcourt on Saturday emerged yesterday. Sources disclosed that the Department of State Services (DSS) in Rivers state informed the Commissioner of Police (CP) about the operation before it started.

It was gathered that the DSS in the state had earlier called to inform the Commissioner of Police, Francis Odesanya, that his men were going to effect the arrest. The police boss reportedly complied accordingly by directing his men to cooperate and give them all necessary support. Apparently, the DSS office shares the same fence with the judge. The operation commenced in earnest. The judge refused to open his compound since it was during unholy hours – about 1am.

However, a twist to the ongoing storming of the judge’s home metamorphosed. Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike arrived unannounced at the scene of operation there with a retinue of members of his cabinet and members of the House of Assembly. While the DSS operatives were dilly-dallying, the governor and his team started obstructing them.

When the situation started getting intolerable around, the Commissioner of Police arrived the scene. He spoke with the DSS boss and later went to persuade Gov. Wike to allow them do their work advising that if there was any breach, it should follow due process later. ‘The commissioner of police reportedly insisted that the governor should not obstruct justice.

When the governor refused to give way, the police boss ordered his ADC to move away from the scene and he complied. The DSS attempted to move in but Gov. Wike, again without his ADC and other policemen that accompanied him who were obeying the CP’s order, started obstructing them. This, according to sources, was the stand-off until around 4am when journalists arrived the scene.

Delta Gov. Okowa Slumps in Asaba Government House

Delta . Governor Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa

Delta State Governor, Ifeanyi Okowa, slumped over last Wednesday at the government house in Asaba, according to confirmed sources. Mr. Okowa was billed to attend the World Teachers Day celebration at the cenotaph in Asaba last Wednesday. Reports indicate that Mr. Okowa, before attending the event, suddenly slumped over at his office.

The governor was whisked away from his office to an undisclosed location in Asaba for medical attention and his deputy, Kingsley Otuaro, was called to represent him at the event.

The governor has not attended any public function since his fainting spell. Until he recovers, all public functions will be attended by his deputy governor – representing him. It is not clear what caused the governor’s fainting spell.

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