Lai Mohammed & Jollof Rice

Nigerians blast Lai Mohammed for underrating Nigerian Jollof rice on CNN. The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed sparked another uproar on social media. The information minister was said to have reacted to the buzz CNN’s Richard Quest started about who makes the best Jollof . . .

The battle for Jollof supremacy between Ghana and Nigeria have lasted for a long time, and the information minister has obviously broken the heart of many Nigerians by giving the ‘Jollof trophy’ to complete outsiders, Senegal.

According to Lai’s response to Quest, “Senegal makes the best jollof“.

In the process Lai Mohammed berated Nigerian Jollof, saying ‘Senegal Jollof Is The Best’

His “unpatriotic statement” sparked an uproar on Twitter Nigeria.

However, Richard Quest of CNN‘s Quest Means Business later cleared the air on one of the top trending topics on social media as we published.

During Friday night’s show, Nigeria’s Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed was asked “Which country makes the best Jollof rice,” and he responded with “I’ll have to say Senegal”.

Senegal?!” Quest said. “I hear a shock across the country, I hear a sigh across the country. Minister, thank you very much,” he added.

Quest has however said that the minister misheard. “He thought I asked, who first created jollof rice – hence his (correct) answer Senegal,” Quest wrote on Twitter.

However, prior to his Tweet, Twitter NG had dragged and is still dragging the minister following his unpatriotic statement.

Jollof Rice

Lai Mohammed 3

The Report:

Minister of information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed stunned CNN audience yesterday when he said the best Jollof rice is prepared in Senegal. A claim that seriously weakened the ‘Nigeria First’ mantra meant to encourage patronage Nigerian goods and drive the nation’s economic recovery on a special edition of Quest Means Business anchored in Lagos.

Although Mr Richard Quest was later to clarify that the Minister misunderstood his question to mean which country jollof rice originated from. “That was why he answered Senegal.” However, the damage was already done, as social media would not let Lai Mohammed off the hook over his faux pas.

Lai Mohammed, Richard-Quest & Jollof Rice

Responding to a question about which country makes the best Jollof rice, the minister said: “I want to say probably Senegal.”

Jollof rice is a delicacy that is common among most countries in West Africa and in recent time there have been debate on the social media platforms about the country in the region that makes the best Jollof rice.

Quest may have been prompted to ask the question because of the raging debate.

Quest who had earlier expressed surprise at the minister’s response, however clarified that the minister misunderstood his question to mean “where did Jollof rice originate from,” which according to him was why he answered, Senegal.

However, the minister’s gaffe was clearly apparent and drew the ire of the social media, as the video went viral, with many lambasting the minister.

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